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Al-Wadih Ibn Raja’ (C. 1000) - Coptic Wiki

IBN RAJA’ (c. 1000)

A and priest from SCETIS. He took the name after his conversion from to Christianity. He was the author of four apologetic, polemical works, three of which have not yet been investigated. The only source for biographical information on him is the insertion of a biography into a Lives of the Patriarchs made by Mikha’il, bishop of Tinnis, from the verbal account of a deacon, Theodosius, a secretary to the patriarch Philotheus (979-1003).

It says he and SAWIRUS IBN AL-MUQAFFA‘ were friends and shared an interest in apologetic literature. The two holy men spent most of their time in discussion and study of the Bible until they knew how to interpret the holy books. Then, composed two books in Arabic refuting errors from the Qur’an.

His preserved works are Kitab al-Wadih (Book of Evidence), Nawadir al-Mufassirin Watahrif al-Mukhalifin (Rare Points of the Interpreter), Kitab al-Ibanah fi Tanaqud al-Hadith (Disclosing the Contradictions in the Hadith), and Hatk al-Mahjub (Unveiling the Veiled).