AL-THIQA IBN AL-DUHAYRI (?-after 1267)

A Scholar of Coptic.
Whether or not al-Thiqa is the Ibn al-Duhayri who was consecrated Metropolitan of Damietta with the name Christodoulos by Patriarch III ibn Laqlaq, he is remembered as a scholar who wrote a highly regarded Bohairic grammar, Muqaddimat al-Duhayri. Al-Thiqa sought to improve on the earlier grammars of Yuhanna, of Samannud, Ibn Katib Qaysar, and al-Wajih Yuhanna al-Qalyubi, refining Ibn Katib Qaysar’s threefold division of material into nouns, verbs, and particles, and adding many examples. Al-Thiqa corresponded with scholars such as al-Mu’taman , whose Bohairic-Arabic he praised; his own grammar was judged to be “good” by Abu al-Barakat ibn Kabar, and by many others, to from the large number of manuscripts in which it is preserved.