AL- IBN ABI AL-FADA’IL (?-after 1357)

A Historian. Al- ibn Abi al-Fada’il continued the world history of al Makin Jirjis ibn al-‘Amid (who may have been his great-uncle), picking up where left off with the accession of the Mamluk sultan Baybars in 1260, and continuing through the death of al-Malik in 1341. It is for the most part a secular history that draws from Muslim sources, but it occasionally refers to events within the Coptic community.

Al- wrote his history for his own personal use, and it has only survived in a single manuscript (where it has the rhyming title al-Nahj al-sadid wa l-durr al- fima ‘d Tarikh Ibn al-‘Amid (The Correct Procedure and Singular Pearl in What Comes after the History of Ibn al-‘Amid); the text’s publication in the 20th century has provided scholars with an important source for early history.