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Al-Dayr - Coptic Wiki

A town located some 12 miles (20 km) northeast of Khargah, at the foot of the Jabal Ghanayim. The site of includes a Roman fortress, a well, a pagan cemetery, and a small temple of baked bricks, later converted to a chapel in the period. This monument, which consists of a vestibule and two vaulted chambers, is full of Coptic or Greco-Coptic graffiti, of which some are very late.

Among the drawings can be seen a cross and a fine text dating from the year A.M. 576 (860), as well as two travelers’ graffiti, one of Yohannes, son of Phoibammon, the other of Aron, son of Kyros, come from Kerameion (Madamud), evidently by the trail from Luxor.

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