A city located some 10 miles (16 km) south of Tanta in the province of al-Minufiyyah. It was known in Coptic times as Pathanon.

Al-Batanun was the birthplace of Patriarch SHENUTE I (858- 880) and the place to which the remains of the FORTY-NINE of Scetis were brought for a time after having been stolen from their resting place in Scetis, probably at the beginning of the seventh century. In al-Batanun the remains were kept in the church of Onophrius (Zoega, 1810, pp. 95-97).

authors in the medieval period mention al-Batanun, but they give no information about or churches in the town.

There are today two churches in al-Batanun, one of Sarapammon, built around 1897, and one of Mary.

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