ÆNEAS (Αἰνέας)

ÆNEAS (Αἰνέας)

The name occurs only once in the NT (Ac 9:33, 34). The person so called was a dweller in Lydda or Lod, a town on the plain of Sharon about ten miles south of Joppa, to which many of the Christians had fied after the persecution which dispersed the apostles and the church of Jerusalem. On a visit of St. Peter to the place, Æneas, who had for eight years been confined to bed as a paralytic, was healed by the Apostle. The cure seems to have had a very remarkable influence in the district, causing many of the dwellers in Sharon and Lydda to accept Christianity. Nothing further is known of the man. Probably he became a Christian at the date of his cure.

F. Boyd.

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