ÆNEAS (Αἰνέας)

The name occurs only once in the NT (Ac 9:33, 34). The person so called was a dweller in Lydda or Lod, a town on the plain of Sharon about ten miles south of Joppa, to which many of the had fied after the which dispersed the and the of . On a visit of St. to the place, Æneas, who had for eight years been confined to bed as a paralytic, was healed by the . The cure seems to have had a very remarkable influence in the district, causing many of the dwellers in Sharon and Lydda to accept . Nothing further is known of the man. Probably he became a at the date of his cure.

F. Boyd.

Boyd, W. F. (1916-1918). Æneas. In J. Hastings (Ed.), Dictionary of the Church (2 Vols.) (J. Hastings, Ed.) (1:44). : Charles Scribner’s Sons.

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