The word occurs in the AV in two places, 1 Co 12:5 and 2 Co 9:12, in both of which the RV has substituted ‘ministration,’ just as in 2 Co 8:19f. ‘administer’ (AV) has given place to ‘minister’ (RV; Gr διακονέω). In 1 Co 12:5 and 2 Co 9:12 the word is the tr. of Gr. διακονία which originally means ‘the service (or duty) rendered by a διάκονος,’ i.e. a servant, particularly a waiter at table (Lat. minister), who pours out wine to the guests individually. In 1 Co 12:5 the aspect, alluded to is especially that of practical service rendered to a master [including that of ‘deacon’ rendered to our ‘Lord’], whereas in 2 Co 9:12 it is particularly the concrete form of that service which is intended, in its God ward and man-ward aspects.

The administration of the Roman Empire is never directly referred to in the NT, and is best considered under its various aspects (Cæsar, Proconsul, etc.).


AV Authorized Version.

RV Revised Version.

  1. translated, translation.

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