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Originally, a papyrus about 27 x 14 cm in size (15 x 10 cm extant) with thirty-six lines to the page, of which twenty-one remain. It contains 18:27-19:6, and 19:12-16. According to Sanders, it is from 200-250; Aland says about 300, and Roberts and Skeat place it in the third/fourth century. Probably from the Fayyum, the text essentially agrees with that of Codex Bezae (D); hence the attestation of this text type in Egypt is important.

Acts 18.27

In editions of the New Testament this papyrus is designated P38. Its inventory number in the is 1571, and it has been edited by H. A. as text 138 in Miscellaneous Papyri (Ann Arbor, 1936 [P. Mich. 3]).

Acts 19.12

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