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A noted seventh-century compiler of certain biographies of the . He was a close friend and contemporary of (689-701), forty-second in the line of succession to . He came originally from the town of . His list comprises the lives of (412-444) to (705-730), that is, from the twenty-fourth to the forty-third patriarchs. His work was accomplished partly in the (see ) in Wadi Habib (Sawirus, 1907, Vol. 1, pt. 3, p. 91). Probably he was once nominated to succeed the fortieth patriarch, JOHN III (677-686), but his position was never upgraded beyond the rank of . Instead, Isaac of the was consecrated as the forty-first patriarch. Abu Jirjah was a contemporary of the from (685-705) to (724- 743). The period he covered included the sensitive ecumenical age of (451) and the upheaval caused by the (641). As may be expected, the essential biographies in his list were those of his own contemporaries, that is, Simon I (Sawirus, 1907, Vol. 1, pt. 3, pp. 27-49) and Alexander II (pp. 50-83), as he was an eyewitness of the events of their reigns.


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