, ANBA (bishop)

Abrim authored a history of the world from the time of creation until the year A.H. 614/A.D. 1216. The only known manuscript of this work belonged to ‘ABD AL- MASIH SALIB AL-MASUDI, a . It is cited by in both his manuscript catalogs (, 1938, 1939).

No Coptic bishop by the name of Abrim is known. Graf suggested that the name might refer to a certain , or , but this does not help to identify him. One possible identification is , , who was present both at the synod convened on 28 June 1240 under and at the ceremony of preparing the holy chrism in A.M. 973/A.D.  1257 (Munier, 1943). In the one manuscript, the name of this bishop is given as with only one alif (Sbath manuscript 1126; Sbath, 1934). (1944) has also suggested an equivalence between Abram and Abrim.


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