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Abrim Al-Qibti, Anba (Bishop) - Coptic Wiki


Abrim authored a of the world from the time of creation until the year A.H. 614/A.D. 1216. The only known manuscript of this work belonged to ‘ABD AL- MASIH SALIB AL-MASUDI, a Coptic priest of Cairo. It is cited by Paul in both his manuscript catalogs (Sbath, 1938, 1939).

No Coptic by the name of Abrim is known. Graf suggested that the name might refer to a certain Afrim, or Ephrem, but this does not help to identify him. One possible identification is Anba Abra’am, bishop of Nastarawayh, who was present both at the convened on 28 June 1240 under Laqlaq and at the ceremony of preparing the holy chrism in A.M. 973/A.D.  1257 (Munier, 1943). In the one manuscript, the name of this is given as Abram with only one alif ( manuscript 1126; Sbath, 1934). Jacob Muyser (1944) has also suggested an equivalence between Abram and Abrim.

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