ABRAHAM OF (late sixth century)

Abraham is presented on a (Crum, 1908) as the fourteenth bishop of Hermonthis. There is no mention of him in the of the Coptic church. There are indeed no dates on the , but we know that he was a contemporary of archbishop (569-605). On the evidence of his portrait, painted on his accession to office, he was already old when he was consecrated bishop.

On the evidence of his Greek testament (P. Lond. I 77) his father was called , his mother Rebecca. We do not know when he became a monk, nor when he became of . While of this monastery, excavated in 1948- 1949 by the Société d’Archéologie copte, he was consecrated bishop of Hermonthis. Because of the remote situation of this monastery, 5 miles (8 km) from the Nile bank between Hermonthis and , he built another monastery before 590, at the instance of archbishop Damian, on the ground ceded by the in the former temple of , the , also dedicated to .

From this monastery, he officiated as bishop. He sent numerous communications to the Christians, both clerical and lay, of his diocese, and also received letters from the faithful under his charge. This correspondence shows us the duties and the activity of an Upper Egyptian bishop around 600, in a way not otherwise known to us to this extent. In the leadership of the , he was supported by his pupil, the , who became his successor as abbot. His successor as bishop was .


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