A monk at the monastery of the Virgin ( in ), ‘Abd al-Masih (1848-1935) was ordained a monk by his uncle, ‘Abd al-Masih al-Kabir, in 1874. His prolific writings covered , , and history. He mastered , , Greek, and Coptic. His best-known work is his interpretation of the Epact, in the Arabic version of (reckoning of the derivation of feast days in the Coptic, Syrian, Armenian, and Greek churches).

His most significant works include Kitab al-Khulaji alMuqaddas (i.e., ; The three masses, Cairo, 1903); Kitab al-Tuhfah al-Saniyyah (Theology, Cairo, 1925); Kitab al-Durrah al-Nafisah fi Hisabat al-Kanisah, Cairo, 1926; a small and concise treatise on dates of the church developed in a much more detailed work of more than 617 pages entitled Al-Tuhfah al- Baramusiyyah fi Sharh waTatimmat Qawa‘id Hisab al-Abqati lil- Kanisah al-Qibtiyyah alUrthudhuksiyyah, Cairo, 1925); (Theology, Cairo, 1927); (Coptic and Arabic terminology of the church defined, Cairo, 1926); and Tuhfat al- Sa‘ilin fi Dhikr Adyirat Ruhban al-Misriyyin (On , Cairo, 1932).

He was summoned by to serve in the central administration of the church at the patriarchate in Cairo. He died at the age of eighty-seven in 1935.

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