Abd Al-Masih

A manuscript of the Coptic Patriarchate, Cairo (Theology 290; Graf, no. 533; Simaykah, no. 333) contains a collection of 149 poems in simple literary on moral and religious subjects, by Anba Bistawrah, known as al-Hariri (Graf, 1934, Vol. 4, p. 133). It was copied by in March 1709 for the mu‘allim ‘Awad al- Mahallawi, and was offered to the hegumenos ‘Abd al-Masih.

He may be the same hegumenos (priest) who, during the reign of the 103rd patriarch, JOHN XVI (YU‘ANNIS) (1676-1718), and in his patriarchal residence, copied a liturgical manuscript (Coptic Patriarchate, Cairo, 15; Simaykah, no. 815; not in Graf) containing a lectionary in Coptic for the Sundays of the first six months of the year. This manuscript was restored in March 1715.