A manuscript of the Coptic Patriarchate, Cairo (Theology 290; Graf, no. 533; , no. 333) contains a collection of 149 in simple literary Arabic on moral and religious subjects, composed by , known as (Graf, 1934, Vol. 4, p. 133). It was copied by in March 1709 for the mu‘allim , and was offered to the ‘Abd al-Masih.

He may be the same hegumenos (priest) who, during the reign of the 103rd patriarch, () (1676-1718), and in his patriarchal residence, copied a liturgical manuscript (Coptic Patriarchate, Cairo, 15; Simaykah, no. 815; not in Graf) containing a lectionary in Coptic for the Sundays of the first six months of the year. This manuscript was restored in March 1715.

    Graf, G. Catalogue de manuscrits arabes chrétiens conservès au Caire. Studi e Testi 134, p. 200. Vatican City, 1934.

, S. J.

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