An italian archaeologist. Breccia was director of the Museum in Alexandria from 1904 to 1931. He was made professor of classical antiquity and epigraphy at Pisa in 1932 and professor of ancient history three years later. He took part in many excavations in Egypt, of which the ANTINOOPOLIS excavation, which he recorded in “Le prime richerche italiane ad Antinoe” (Aegyptus 18, 1938, pp. 285-318), is especially worthy of mention. His significant works include “D’un édifice d’époque chrétienne à el-Dekhela et l’emplacement du Ennaton” (Bulletin de la royale d’archéologie d’Alexandrie 9, 1907, pp. 1-12); Le Musée greco-romain 1925-1931 (Bergamo, 1932); “ le désert de Nitrée” (Bulletin de la royale d’archéologie d’Alexandrie 27, 1932, pp. 17-26); and Le Musee greco-romain 1931-1932 (Bergamo, 1933).


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